Clear Communication in Web Design, Part I

Undoubtedly, one of the most important aspects a website has to offer is its ability to communicate. A website may be very visually appealing, have lots of cool bells and whistles happening behind the scenes, contain engaging videos or have cute little illustrated characters scattered throughout its pages. But, if it doesn’t communicate an important message clearly, then, what’s the point?

In an upcoming article, we’ll examine actual examples of how to efficiently communicate a message to users. For today’s purposes, we’ll be discussing concepts and strategies on what to communicate.

By following this quick checklist, you can make sure your website is designed to communicate clearly and efficiently to your audience.

1. Who Are You?

The first, and probably the most obvious, of the necessary components of communication in a website design is defining who you are. If you don’t establish this, the chances of your users hanging around for very long while trying to figure it out on their own are extremely low.

Give them a reason to stay. Establish quickly and early on who you are and what role you play.

If your user doesn’t understand who you are… they’ll leave.

2. What You Do

Ok, so you’ve told them who you are. Now what?

Now is the prime time to tell them a little more about yourself. They’ve decided that, based on who you are, you’re worth their time. Take it a little further.

What do you do? What do you produce? What services do you offer? How do you go about providing these services and/or products?

Just make sure that, when communicating what you do, to keep it short. Don’t write a book. You’re trying to hook them in and your content should be short, sweet and to the point.

If your user has hung around this long, you’re getting closer to converting them into a lead. Now what?

3. Why You’re Different

Now is where they determine whether you’re really worth their time.

“Ok, so you provide (fill in the blank) services,” your user is thinking, “Big deal. There’s about 300 other similar business in my city alone. Why should I choose you?”

Now it’s time to pull your trump card.

Your differentiating benefit.

What separates you from your competition? Why should your target audience choose you? Your website design should quickly and clearly communicate what makes you different, and why that’s a benefit for your client.

Don’t get bogged down into the nuts and bolts and details behind what you do. Your potential client doesn’t care about that. They want to know, in simple terms, why you’re great, and why you’ll make them great, too.

4. The Call to Action

Alright, so you’ve done a great job so far making sure you:

  • 1. Tell your audience you who you are
  • 2. Tell them what you do
  • 3. Tell them why you’re more awesome than the other guys and gals

Great job! This is progress!

Now, it’s time to close the deal. What should your user do next?

Make sure the next step is very clear and easy to understand. It’s time to draw them into some sort of action. It’s time for them to email, call, or visit your location. Depending on your business any, or all, of the above, may be appropriate or preferred.

Just make sure that whatever you choose to do at this point, that you make it easy. If it’s difficult to get in touch with you, all that hard work you’ve done in refining your communication process in the first 3 steps could all go to waste because your prospect (read, future client) decided to jump ship because your phone number wasn’t easily visible, or your email contact form was too complicated.

If you keep this last step simple, you can enjoy a fresh new contact from a future client who you can develop a wonderful, and lasting business relationship with.

Keep everything simple and to the point. Communicate clearly to your target audience and your website design will do a great deal in helping convert new visitors to prospects to future clients.

Good luck!

About the Author: Keith Goolsby

As President of Jetfuel Creative, Keith's 10 years of ad agency experience allows him to cut through the marketing "buzzword" clutter and deliver meaningful solutions for clients who need to reach more of their target audience.


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