5 SEO Myths – Dispelled

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), for many, can be a confusing and intimidating phrase and process. Be aware, there are many people or “companies” out there who are trying to take advantage of the lack of knowledge many businesses have about search engine optimization. These businesses make promises that are undeliverable, use techniques that can get your site penalized harshly or banned by search engines, and many times just want to take your money and run.

Here are a few common myths you may have seen… and a few reasons why they are false and why people making these sort of promises to your businesses should be avoided at all costs.

Myth #1: “We can rank you #1 on Google within days”

If you hear this from a company, run far away… fast.

Not only is this not possible, but it’s an indicator of two things:

  1. A scam
  2. Someone more than likely using black-hat techniques (i.e. techniques that can get your site permanently penalized… or banned from search engine results)

Myth #2: “SEO is a one-time fix”

SEO is not a one-time fix. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process that requires a lot of research and dedication.

The term “optimization” is all about finding new and better ways of doing things and improving previous efforts for a better result. This is a continual process that requires monitoring of links, keyword terms, site structure, site content, and many other factors.

Myth #3: Using a service to rank you with hundreds of search engines will increase your ranking

Search engines will find your content without an issue, as long as it relates to what you want to be found for. It is not necessary to submit your site to search engines (even submission to Google is unnecessary, as their crawlers will find you as long as someone is pointing a link back to your site).

Many times, this is advertised as a paid service. Once again, run far away. It’s a scam.

Myth #4: “Our SEO firm is endorsed by Google”

Right. Google doesn’t endorse or give preference to websites, companies, or anyone else. Paid or unpaid.

This claim is simply not true and can be a signal for an amateur or a scammer.

Myth #5: PageRank is what determines your search ranking

While Google PageRank is an insightful factor into how well your site is doing and how it is perceived, it is not the sole factor in determining your ranking in search engines.

There are many aspects that form together to help your search engine optimization and your search ranking. While there are some that are more important than others, and some that do not matter much at all, there is not one, particular criteria that has to be met, and all of a sudden your site is ranked high.

The Bottom Line?

Search engine optimization is a long process that builds itself over time.

SEO efforts should be considered as an ongoing marketing endeavor that takes time, dedication, research and a little bit of elbow-grease to make sure it is functioning properly.

Consumers and business owners these days should be educated on what pitfalls to avoid and what particular benefits and qualifications to look for from others when being offered services or products.

In terms of SEO, the best thing for your business, and website, is to make sure that you position yourself as an informed authority in you industry and you continue to provide excellent content, information and reasons for people to visit your site.

By focusing on those aspects first and foremost, the rest, when conducted properly by a qualified SEO firm or consultant, will begin to fall into place.

About the Author: Keith Goolsby

As President of Jetfuel Creative, Keith's 10 years of ad agency experience allows him to cut through the marketing "buzzword" clutter and deliver meaningful solutions for clients who need to reach more of their target audience.


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