Why Branding Is Important

Today’s market is changing. Branding no longer means a logo and business cards. Branding means how your business lives and breathes. Social media and the internet is the 6,000 pound Juggernaut (forget the gorilla) in the room now… and utilizing the web for all it’s worth is of greater importance now than ever before. Learn how you putting all that web-fangled stuff to good use to really make your brand stand out.

What does branding mean in today’s market?

20 years ago, “branding” was focused on appearance. Now, your target demographics are savvy decision-makers. Not that they weren’t 20 years ago, but now information is so readily available that it is much easier to be an extremely educated consumer. Now, branding is about true value and emotion. Branding is about communicating the true impact you can have on others’ lives through your services or products. Branding is about demonstrating that your target demographic shouldn’t just want you… they should need you.

Why is branding so important in today’s fast-paced world?

Branding is important (maybe more than it ever has been before) in modern times because of all of the added avenues of exposure you have available to you. 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, no business had the ability to be in front of their target demographics 24/7 the way they do now through the use of Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, iPhones, smart-phones and other various outlets. Your target demographics can now fully immerse themselves in your brand if they choose.
Again, consumers are savvy decision-makers in today’s world, and because of that, they expect the companies they deal with to be savvy-decision makers as well.

How you can improve your brand presence… immediately

There are a few ways you can immediately impact the perception others have of your brand.

1. Create a Twitter account and use it… often

Simply creating a Twitter account and becoming involved with Twitter can help raise your brand awareness. But, don’t just create an account just to say you have it. Use it. Be involved. The more effort you put in… the more your potential clients will take notice. Use it as a means to understand your target demographics. Use it as a means to help educate them. Use it as a means for them to see that they shouldn’t just want what you provide… they should need it.

2. Create a Facebook fanpage

For the same reasons as above, you should begin a Facebook fanpage. This will help others take notice of your brand and you can use it as a source of communication on a daily basis to inform others of current happenings within your company or use it as a means of education. Establish yourself as an expert in your field… because you are. Creating a Facebook page (and Twitter account) will help drive traffic to your website, which leads us to…

3. Create (or redesign) your website

If you don’t have a website… get one. Now. Businesses can’t survive nowadays without an online presence. Or, if your site is outdated, redesign it. Consumers don’t want to see that you are still stuck in the 1990s, or that you have animated GIFs on your homepage. Consumers want to see that you take yourself seriously… because you want them to be serious about working with you. Speak with a professional design service to form or redesign your web presence. Do it right from the beginning so you don’t waste time, money, or worst of all, damage your brand’s reputation.

There are many more aspects involved in branding, but these points above merely touch on a few that you can begin work on right now.

In upcoming articles, we’ll discuss topics such as logo design, print media, and other tips to improve and build your brand.

About the Author: Keith Goolsby

As President of Jetfuel Creative, Keith's 10 years of ad agency experience allows him to cut through the marketing "buzzword" clutter and deliver meaningful solutions for clients who need to reach more of their target audience.


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