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We Help Businesses Strategically Develop Their Brand Identity and Culture

Your brand is how your prospective customers perceive your business. We help you put your best foot forward… on every level.

What’s a brand, anyway?

Think of some of the common places you buy products or services from.

How do they make you feel? What can you expect when you walk inside or visit their website? How easy is it to find what you’re looking for? Is the staff helpful and courteous? What makes those places unique in your mind? Why do you keep going there?

These are all common questions that indicate the underlying principle of what makes up a brand experience: your brand is how your clients and prospects perceive you, on every level – starting with your logo design and website presence to the way you communicate and follow-up with your potential customers to how you interact with them, even after you close a deal.


a suitable name

Selecting a name for a business should be a well thought-out, exploratory process that takes into account differentiating benefits, target demographics, strategic growth, brand promises, and much more. Too often, brands settle on a name out of expedience instead of out of strategic thinking.

We help our clients determine a brand name that fits their culture, targets their key audiences, and provides the foundation they need for success for years to come.

a unified, strategic approach

Brand development is integral in a business’ overall marketing strategy, as it lays the foundation for everything that business does from a marketing perspective. At the core of brand development lies the creative strategy.

A creative strategy is to marketing what a business plan is to sales. A properly-crafted creative strategy identifies the key elements of a brand’s culture, its promises, and the unique deliverables it provides in a condensed fashion that influences every single form of marketing that brand executes.

We provide our clients with specific, identifiable creative strategies that allow them to incorporate a unified voice across every marketing channel they utilize.

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professional logo design

We strategically design logos that are simple, memorable, flexible, and integrate into our clients’ overall brand identities.

From initial concept to final vector art, our logos breathe life into our clients’ brands and provide them with the foundation they need to build a lasting, powerful presence.

make a bold (positioning) statement

Emphatically declare your brand to the world. Let them know who you are. Boldly.

Through strategic positioning statements, our clients put their creative strategy to use by communicating real, tangible, defendable ideas to their target demographics. Positioning statements – also affectionately known as “taglines” – are brief, direct, clearly defined brand promises that often ride next to or underneath a brand’s logo.

brand guidelines

The finishing touch to a brand development project, brand guidelines establish the specific manners which a brand should – and shouldn’t – display itself. From proper logo usage to typography to color palettes and creative execution via various forms of collateral, brand guidelines help demonstrate how to put a brand’s best foot forward at all times.

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